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photograph of model
photograph of shadow box

This shadow box was designed to represent the art of Mark Rothko and architecture of Gabriel Poole through the mediums of wood, steel and concrete.

floor plan
artist and architect precedent studies

The representation of Rothko is fairly apparent in the composition of the concrete, with the focus on texture studies rather than color studies. Gabriel Poole's designs are prefabricated construction, as is the shadow box.

photograph of model
Photograph of shadow box

The juxtaposition of the ultra thin wire supporting the heavy concrete slab within a wood frame was used to help demonstrate the various structural characteristics of steel, concrete and wood.

Photograph of shadow box
photograph of shadow box

The bolt at each of the four corners, which ties into the finger joints of the frame, hold the whole box together. This joint construction allows for the quick assembly and disassembly of the shadow box.